Cable TV of the Years

The U.S. Congress and the National Cable Television Association agree and give credit to John Walson as being the founder of the cable television industry. The adage, “necessity is the mother of invention” is applicable to the invention of cable TV because had he not needed it, Mr. Walson may never have invented it.

In the mid 1940s, Walson opened an appliance shop by the name of The Service Electric Company where he sold General Electric appliances. In 1947, Walson began selling televisions, but because mountains surround the city in which he lived and sold appliances, Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania, the nearby local stations would not come in over the airwaves.

After giving the trouble some thought, John Walson erected an antenna attached to a power pole on the top of a mountain not far from his shop. He used a cable to connect the antenna, with boosters along the way, all the way first to his warehouse and then to his store. In this manner, he could demonstrate to his customers that they too could possibly receive television reception from the local stations.

Soon, Walson was selling plenty of televisions, but his real business became the community antenna television (CATV) service. For a hook up fee of one hundred dollars and a two-dollar per month service fee, anyone in the area could hook up to the community antenna. Thus, Walson is the founder of the cable television industry.

John Walson did not quit there, however. Since that time, Walson was the first cable operator to use microwave to import distant television stations, he was the first cable operator to use coaxial cable for improved picture quality and he was the first cable operator to distribute premium pay television programming (HBO).

Of course, many other innovations have occurred in the world of satellite and cable TV over the years as well. As technology advanced so that people could shoot rockets and satellites into space, new means of broadcasting television emerged.

At first, satellite communications were limited to government officials because government entities were the only entities that had control over the satellites that they were sending out into space. The first satellite TV pictures from space came in 1963. On May 15, 1963, Gordon Cooper, an American astronaut flying in the rocket ship, Faith 7, became the first American to stay in space for more than twenty-four hours, the first American to sleep in space and the first person ever to transmit television pictures from space to the earth.

Before long, however, private industries began to launch their own satellites. In 1965, the Early Bird became the world’s first commercial communication satellite. The first commercial communications satellite was placed in service on June 28, 1965. The corporation that launched this satellite is still currently the largest supplier of satellite TV in the nation.

This satellite was a communications repeater that handled all types of common carrier network traffic. It included telephone, television, telegraph and facsimile transmissions and it was the forerunner of a synchronous satellite system that would furnish communications to all the populated areas of the world.

Making The Wisest Choice Satellite Offers

You will realize that many satellite TV offers are now available in the market. This form of television programming is becoming the latest trend in delivering various television shows and entertainment media through the use of a communications satellite. The signal is received by an outdoor antenna which is transmitted through a satellite dish. The dish is in the form of a parabolic mirror which transmits the signal going to the television set through an external setup box which is commonly called as the satellite tuner module built inside the television unit. You can also access television shows to a computer via satellite using the connection of a USB stick or card as a satellite TV tuner. One of the major advantages of a satellite TV is convenient access to a wide range of television channels even from areas that are not serviceable by a cable provider.

Many satellite television offers include the use of high definition satellites such as the Scientific Atlanta Receiver or Motorola Receiver. They are reputed in providing good network transmission to a satellite TV. There are direct broadcast satellite televisions that come available in analog and digital types. You will basically use analog and digital satellite receiver respectively for their use. Notable however is the fact that the analog type is becoming less popular to the consumers because of the availability of high definition televisions in the market which are supported by a digital satellite receiver.

There are currently two companies competing in providing the best satellite TV offers namely the DIRECTV and Dish Network. The DIRECTV specializes in offering mobile satellite TV. They also offer exclusive coverage for sports events which makes it more ideal for the sports enthusiasts and those who are always on the go. The company was able to grow its market and currently has over 20 million of customers. They offer some television show packages that include about 130 channels up to 185 channels.

Dish Network on the other hand provides wider selections of international television shows including radio stations with their satellite TV offers. The company made some significant improvements in their services as it was able to build a wider customer database of 15 million. Their most popular service includes the America’s Top 60 package which includes 60 viewing channels and their more enhanced satellite TV package called “Everything Pak” consisting of 230 channels. Both DIRECTV and Dish Network offer their service package inclusive of a dish satellite and its receiver. However, additional receivers for video recording and high definition may also be charged.

The best thing about these services is that they offer you flexible options. In choosing from this satellite TV offers you should consider the viewing preference of your family and your budget. If most of your family members are sports enthusiasts, the DIRECTV service is more suitable for you. But if you want to have extensive choices of television channels to watch, Dish Network can provide you better services.